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Okay.. I know what you're thinking. This website looks horrible... why should I hire this guy? Because I'm too busy building great websites for other people to have any time to update my own.. that's why.

There's a new site on the way.. I promise. I'm just trying to squeeze in time for it amongst all the search engine marketing, graphic design, web software development, and mouse clicking I do all day.

In case you're still not convinced, here's a list of companies that I do work for: (In no particular order)

Fidelity Mortgage
Golden Villa Homes
Property Services
Linda Afman Realtor
Heiden Homes
Metro Brokers
Sam Suplizio
Hoptocopter Films
Vintage Aviation
Your Valley Source
No Coast Sushi
Mesa Theater & Club
Tuck Communications
The Lewis Agency
Decadence Cheeasecakes
Jeffrey Pine
Vicky Thurlow-Avery
Brian Bray
Vineyard Church
Fellowship Church
Centennial RV
The Christ Center
Avalon Theater
Grand West Inspections
Kapushion Training
Heritage Property Management
Northwest Air Services
Precision Air Drilling
Prowler Pro
Public Safety Diving Supply
Dutch Afman Consulting
DGP Consulting
Canon City Sharefest
Clarion Mortgage
Eagle Express
Finishing Touch
Loaded .45
Pineapple Crackers
Pinnacle Homes
Roman Chiropractic
Victoria Rose Bridal
WB Builders
Western Colorado Alabaster
Pro Home Systems
Ptarmigan Lanscaping
Rio Blanco Realty
RT Taylor
Safari LTD.
Snob Productions
Turnkey Solutions
Van Gundys
We Fulfill
Western Slope Billiards
All Seasons Rentals
The Alkare Foundation
Gas Products
Ray Scott for Colorado
JB Hart Music
Western Anglers
Coder's Connection
Infinity Surfaces
Dr. Linda Starbird
Dr. Dan Hooper Sr.

PO BOX 4291 GJ, CO 81502 • (970) 263-7429 • info@100wd.com